We are building a network of students and staff standing up against the impacts of flying… 

…and ask our universities and schools to lead by example in traveling consciously.

Join the movement!

Time to ExPlane is recruiting!

We are looking for people that want to support us in our mission and develop their own skills at the same time.

We already have some ideas on what positions and what skills could be developed while working with us, but if you have any other amazing ideas we encourage you to reach out to us!

⏰ Duration: We are looking for people to work with for at least half a year.

👥 We provide you with: a safe, inclusive and fun (remote) working environment. As we strive to make our own work more inclusive and diverse, we especially encourage applications from those who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQI+ and/or people with disabilities.⁠

Transparency about our finances 💶. Due to our financial situation, there might be future possibilities for payment, but we currently can only offer unpaid volunteer positions.

📝 If you are interested: Just send us an email to info@timetoexplane.com or slide into our DMs on Social Media.

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions! 😊


In collaboration with Fly Less and others we developed this petition/pledge with four elements, for four types of decision-makers. It addresses institutional and personal actions. We hope you will select all four elements, but if you select just some of them, we are happy to identify you accordingly on our list of supporters. We welcome support from anybody who self-identifies as “academic,” including faculty, students, and staff in a university or research institution. 

Check out the pledge here

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