Climate Justice & Aviation Training 2.0

Climate Justice and Aviation Communication Training 2.0

  • Do you want to reflect on how we frame and talk about aviation, effectively countering the narratives of the aviation industry?
  • Would you like to be part of a movement for just and green mobility and help boost a campaign on aviation and climate justice in academia?
  • Do you want to learn more about the ecological and social impacts, greenwashing strategies and a just transition of the aviation sector as well as concrete steps to “ground” organizations

Then join the second round of our online training (21/11, 28/11, and 05/12, ca. 18-21h CET) and become a multiplier for aviation and climate justice in academia, within the ExPlane and Stay Grounded network!

How will it work?

  • The training is free – you bring your time, your motivation and your own experience to share! No prior knowledge required.
  • You will be part of a multiplier network with many possibilities to exchange and learn from each other and active support to spread the word about aviation and climate justice within academia yourself (e.g. in workshops, events, actions, etc.)
  • You will also be connected to the global Stay Grounded network of organizations aiming to counter aviation and fighting for a just and green mobility system

Who is it for?

  • people interested in changing current travel culture and policies in academia
  • people active on climate justice issues who want to communicate more about the role of aviation in this context
  • people interested in climate communication, wanting to reflect and expand on their framing of aviation
  • people looking for a way to get active on aviation together with like-minded multipliers

We are looking for people who are interested in spreading the knowledge provided in this training to as many people as possible. By participating in the training, you will become part of an active multiplier network and supported to give workshops and talks, or organise actions and events (depending on your capacity). You will be in touch with like-minded people around the world working for a fairer mobility system, both in academia and beyond!

The training with ExPlane has three modules. However, if you are interested in learning even more on the topic, Stay Grounded offers an international online training for activists and campaigners that includes two additional modules on greenwashing in the aviation industry, and a just transition of the sector.  Let us know if you would be interested in this as well!

The modules of the ExPlane training are:

1 Aviation and Climate Justice: In this module you will learn about why grounding aviation is such an important part of engaging for climate justice. You will have the facts, numbers and arguments you need to communicate the urgency to reduce flights and stay grounded. Based on our recently published guide, “Common Destination: Reframing aviation to ensure a safe landing and to lay the tracks towards a fair planet”, an important part of that module is also to reflect on HOW we talk about grounding flights and to counter the narratives of the aviation industry effectively.

2 Grounding Organizations: In this module, it is time to get practical. Business flights are a big part of many organizations’ carbon footprint, including universities. This is why it is time to ground our academic institutions! In this module, you will learn about concrete steps and best practices showing how to reduce flights at an institutional level. There are plenty of institutions that just need a little input to reflect on and change their travel practices. This module is for those who are interested in spreading the word within their own universities and to others.

3 Being a Multiplier: In this module, we will talk about how we can support each other in spreading the word and exchanging in our multiplier network. We will discuss how we can reach out to different target groups and where to find tools and methods to develop our strategies and activities. 

If you want to join us, please fill out our application form here, until the 6th of November (2022). We are looking forward to hearing from you!